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     A Place of Refuge began in February of 1988, when a cry of help was made to Sis. Shelia Brown, and she contacted Bro. Barry Walker, who was having a bible study at Walker Funeral Home. Bro., Walker had been praying for the Lord to lead him to a church that believed in the bible without compromise, and Sis. Brown had been praying too. Sis. Brown and Bro. Walker set up a prayer meeting in her home, and as the meeting was taking place, the Lord prophesied through Sis. Brown saying  He would have A Place of Refuge for hurting people who love Him, and desire to please the Him. Sis. Brown and Bro. Walker's family along with Julia McClendon, Betty Springer, and a few more were in the basement when the word of prophesy came through, and all committed themselves to fulfill the will of God. The first service was held at Walker Funeral Home in March of 1988. Sis. Brown was chosen of God to be Head Evangelist and Bro. Walker was chosen of God to be Pastor. George Brown was appointed as Head Deacon and Sis. Kathy Walker as Church Secretary and Betty Springer as Head Usher. Sis. Belle Robinson became a part of the church and Sis. Barbara Reese and Sis. Annie Crowder, and the service at the funeral home was noised abroad throughout the city.

The church then moved from Walker Funeral Home to 154 Newnan Road. The owner of the building was about to lease the building to someone else, but the Lord worked with him, and we moved in  April of 1988. A yellow sign was out in the front of the building, and we put up the official name of the church: A Place Of Refuge, and though many people in early days of the church thought it to be a shelter, they soon realized it was a place ordained of God. The church started with virtually nothing, but empty space and a few faithful members and outsiders who helped us get started like Marvin and Sarah Walker and Margaret Holley, who all eventually joined the church. Two other members that were faithful as deacons at this time were Carl Boykin and Curtis Gamble, who have both gone on to be with the Lord. The church went through many periods of suffering, but the Lord began adding people to the ministry and the church grew and grew.

People began coming from diverse places, and the building that seemed so big soon became too small. People that had been given  special talents from the Lord, began to help fulfill the vision. The Lord sent people that believed in the vision of the church, and that were led to the ministry to help make the vision complete. Ministries such as the Sunday School,  Music, Outreach, Street, Young Adult, and others were formed to meet the needs of hurting people everywhere. The ministry was growing and the deacons were busy doing their job-that is, making plans for a new church facility to hold the growing ministry. Deacon Beasley, Walker, Holland, Anderson, and Wilson were busy with the different financial institutions and contractors, to get everything started.

We finally linked up with Christian contractors and financial institutions, and we were on our way to completing the new church building. Deacon Marvin Walker who was led of God to give the church a piece of land, and not long after an octagon steel structure was placed on the property, and we began what would be a tedious but successful journey. The Lord blessed us to purchase land and houses right beside the new church location on 102 Jersey Street, and a while after the contractors began pouring cement and framing up the steel structure. Everyday it seemed as though something different was happening, and the deacons and other members and visitors would ride by to see what would soon be the new facility for A Place of Refuge.

          Finally after much hard work and praying, the building that God had promised His children is finally completed. This building came to pass because of hardworking members and others that supported what we were doing, but most of all it was because the Lord said in His word that: In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence: and His children shall have A Place of Refuge. (Prov. 14:26)



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