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The Performing Arts Ministry or PAM was established in 1996. The first performance was entitled “No Excuse”, the story of a young girl named Cindy who faced challenges of peer pressure and gang life before turning her life over to the Lord. “No Excuse” was an original play written by Regina Wells. Regina became the leader of the Performing Arts ministry from its start, then known as the Drama Team. Regina began writing plays for the ministry at the early age of 16 and has been the ministries leader every since.

P.A.M has several divisions including

Dance Ministries:

Shabach Praise (girls ages 5-9) Instructed by Sis. Dee Ward

Judah (girls ages 10-12) Instructed by Sis. Regina Wells

Praise II (girls ages 13-18) Instructed by Sis. Regina Wells

His Praise (boys ages 7-15) Instructed by Bro. Kelsey McKay

Poetry Ministry for ages 13-adult lead by Sis. Tinisha McKay

Drama for ages 6 to adult lead by Sis. Tajuanna Mack overseen by Sis. Regina Wells

PAM has performed hundreds of original plays throughout the year many of which are available on DVD and has shot one independent short film “Motherhood”

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